Training law students: In order for us to be able to deliver the sessions, we rely heavily on our volunteers. We deliver bespoke advocacy training for up to 20 students which focus on developing the volunteer’s confidence, communication, and presentation skills. These are often hosted by Dr Tunde Okewale supported by Urban Lawyers volunteers and involve various activities with the aim to develop the student’s skill set. Ultimately our training sessions enable volunteer students to fulfil their pro bono requirements by delivering some of our sessions above.

A number of universities have supported us in the recruitment of volunteers, but we have a mutually beneficial and long-standing relationship with the University of Law whereby they advertise and promote Urban Lawyers to the student population. We receive applications and select approximately 20 student volunteers a year who, in turn, receive volunteer opportunities as well as soft skill training.

We have recently conducted training sessions with law student volunteers from The City Law School for our School 21 project, which took place at the university campus. These sessions successfully engaged the volunteers and equipped them with the necessary skills to successfully deliver our School 21 project sessions thus far.