About the Programme:

This transformative initiative aims to provide young musicians, particularly drill rappers, with essential legal knowledge to effectively navigate the intricate landscape of music contracts. The curriculum includes a focus on contractual obligations, intellectual property rights protection, and the cultivation of pivotal soft skills such as negotiation, teamwork, and communication.

The project stems from a pilot session involving renowned musicians and cultural influencers, academic experts, and representatives from leading music and community organizations. It seeks to address the systemic challenges and discrepancies in the industry and to elevate awareness about the urgent need for legal education among young musicians and artists from often marginalized communities.

🌟 Benefits of Participating:

Participants will gain insights into the complex legal considerations within the music industry, acquiring the knowledge and skills essential for establishing a successful career and safeguarding their artistic creations. This programme will also enable artists to advocate for equitable practices and address the disparities present in the industry.

How to Apply:

Click the application link provided above.

Complete the required fields with accurate information.

Submit your application before the deadline.


For additional information or any queries, please contact Lily Kalati at info@urbanlawyers.co.uk