Urban Lawyers, in collaboration with leading global law firm Clifford Chance, proudly announces the successful completion of the pilot session for their groundbreaking legal education project. This transformative initiative aims to equip young musicians, with a particular focus on drill rappers, with essential legal knowledge to navigate the intricate landscape of music contracts.

The pilot session, held on 26th May 2023 at Clifford Chance’s prestigious venue at 10 Upper Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, witnessed an impressive turnout of enthusiastic participants. Throughout the event, attendees actively engaged in comprehensive discussions, ensuring they are well-informed and prepared to protect their interests.

This collaborative project received invaluable contributions and support from prominent organisations such as GRM, Mixtape Madness, Young Music Boss, as well as input from esteemed musicians and cultural change-makers. Notable contributors included Fuse Odg, Fekky, Ayobeatz, Sebastian Thiel (filmmaker), and Femi Oyerian (filmmaker). Their expertise and involvement enriched the pilot session, making it a truly transformative experience.

Young musicians face significant challenges when entering into contracts with record labels, including the alarming discrepancy in royalty rates between black and white artists. The pilot session provided a unique opportunity for participants to contribute their insights, shaping the final programme set to launch in the upcoming fall.

The comprehensive programme, developed in collaboration between Urban Lawyers and Clifford Chance, covers critical legal considerations that directly impact young musicians. From understanding contractual obligations to protecting intellectual property rights, the curriculum equips participants with the necessary legal knowledge to navigate the competitive music landscape. Moreover, the programme emphasises the development of vital soft skills such as negotiation, teamwork, and communication, which are essential for success in today’s industry.

Urban Lawyers and Clifford Chance are excited to announce that applications for the program will open during the summer. Young musicians and aspiring artists interested in participating in this empowering initiative are encouraged to apply. Further details and application instructions will be made available through Urban Lawyers’ official channels and website.

This significant milestone event served as a platform to capture compelling content that will be utilised to promote the project and raise awareness about the urgent need for legal education among young musicians. The involvement of participants, organisations, musicians, and cultural change-makers not only empowers individual artists but also sheds light on the systemic challenges faced by talented individuals from marginalised communities.

Urban Lawyers and Clifford Chance express their sincere gratitude to all the participants, esteemed industry professionals, supporting organisations, and contributors who played an integral role in the success of the pilot session. The project’s rollout in the fall is eagerly anticipated, promising to bring transformative change to aspiring musicians.