Our founder Dr Tunde Okewale appeared on BBC Radio 4 on “Gap Finders” with Winifred Robinson. Gap Finders is a series of interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve spotted a gap in the market, disrupted a sector or shaken up the status quo with their innovation. This episode explored how Tunde, through setting up Urban Lawyers, has been able to break the mould and how this will continue to make a difference to many young people in the future.

Urban Lawyers is a charity that helps young people from disadvantaged communities and ethnic minorities access and find opportunities within the legal profession. This resonates with our founder having grew up on a council estate in Hackney in London and coming from an ethnic minority background and was the driving force to found the charity to help those that may experience similar difficulties of getting a foot on the ladder in the legal profession. Urban Lawyers was founded by Tunde just three years after qualifying as a barrister and has continued to expand partnering with a plethora of law firms, professionals, educational institutions, and charities as well as many more influential entities.