Urban Layers Clifford Chance empower young musicians with new initiative

Urban Lawyers, in collaboration with global law firm Clifford Chance, has introduced a groundbreaking musical legal education project aimed at providing essential legal knowledge to young musicians, particularly drill rappers.

This initiative seeks to empower these artists with the legal understanding required to navigate complex music contracts and to raise awareness about the critical need for legal education among aspiring artists from underserved communities.

The program covers crucial legal aspects directly affecting young musicians, including contractual obligations and intellectual property rights protection. It also emphasises the development of essential skills like negotiation, teamwork and communication, all vital for success in the music industry.

The application period closes on October 12, 2023, with the project set to commence in Autumn 2023.

Earlier this year, the project underwent a pilot session hosted at Clifford Chance’s offices, featuring input from renowned musicians and cultural influencers like Fuse ODG, Fekky, Ayo Beatz and more, along with academic experts and community organisations.

Tunde Okewale, founder of Urban Lawyers, said, “Young musicians face significant challenges when entering into contracts with record labels. I hope this project will help shed light on the systemic challenges faced by talented individuals, especially the alarming discrepancy in royalty rates between black and white artists.

“We want to put an end to that gap and empower artists to achieve their full potential by equipping them with the right resources.”

David Boyd, UK head of Pro Bono at Clifford Chance, also highlighted the firm’s commitment to increasing access to justice and supporting artists in communities where legal assistance might be less accessible. He stressed the importance of addressing the commercial exploitation often faced by young rappers.

Young musicians and aspiring artists interested in participating in this educational initiative are encouraged to apply through Urban Lawyers’ website for access to further details and application instructions.