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Tunde Okewale grew up in a council estate in Hackney, East London. Tunde is the eldest of four children and was the first person in his family to attend university and obtain a degree. Whilst studying, Tunde undertook numerous simultaneous part-time jobs in food and retail. Tunde undertook this work in order to contribute towards his household and, unfortunately, this had a negative impact on his academic pursuits resulting in him obtaining a 2.2 in his undergraduate studies. Career advisors and numerous people in the profession told him that he would never be able to make it. Despite this setback, he continued to engage in community work and was invited to deliver a workshop for the Greater London Authority. As a result of his performance on this project, Tunde was invited to become a director of the charity and was awarded a meritorious scholarship to attend bar school where he would successfully offset his undergraduate grades.
Tunde continues to excel in his field and has gone on to receive numerous nominations and won numerous awards and accolades, based on his exemplary work and sustained social involvement.  He has recently become a patron for Hackney Community Law center.
Tunde Okewale has expertise in a number of different fields, which include but are not restricted to the following;


Tunde Okewale is a barrister at one of the country's leading Chambers - Doughty Street.
Tunde was featured in the Lawyer monthly publication for the barrister awards as the young Barrister of the Year 2012
Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards 2012 – Tunde was a finalist for the title of "Young Legal Aid Barrister of the Year"
Tunde was a contributor to the report on 'The Citizen's Inquiry into the Tottenham Riot'. This report influenced national policy and helped secure funding for the residents of Tottenham.

Tunde's commitment to his crafts were recognized in 2013 when he was awarded  JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award.


Tunde practices in sports law and regulation including contractual disputes, disciplinary tribunals, and arbitrations and he is a Registered Lawyer under The FA Football Agents Regulations. He also advises athletes on brand management and development, marketing and the appropriate use of social media.


Tunde has advised a large number of leading UK recording artists and digital sales platforms. Tunde was selected to represent UK during a series of international conferences with China looking at entrepreneurship (Sponsored by Cisco systems).
Tunde provides legal training to Youth Offending Teams, local government bodies, and business across the country.
Tunde featured as an expert on the BBC Radio 1 Xtra broadcast "GANGS ON FILM" alongside Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters and among others. He was asked to share his opinion on why young people join gangs and become entrenched in crime.
Tunde featured as an expert on The London Live documentary "TRAPTOWN". He was asked to share his experience of the how the criminal justice system impacts young people.
Tunde was part of a delegation sent out by the Bar Human Rights Committee in partnership with UNICEF in Nigeria. The project aims to enhance the capacity of the Child Protection Network (CPN) set up across different states in Nigeria. This is achieved through conducting human rights monitoring and documentation, with a particular focus on case management, interviewing and taking statements from children. The project also works by engaging regional and international mechanisms of redress. Tunde delivered training on the aforesaid issues to legal practitioners, social workers and government ministers.


Tunde has appeared and is regularly invited to speak on national radio and television to recognize his achievements in the community and also to comment on issues affecting his community.
Recognised as one of UK's most inspiring speakers at schools across the country, Tunde regularly speaks at schools, prisons, community clubs, charities and universities, encouraging young people to think about higher education as well as volunteering in their communities. Tunde is an excellent public speaker and has developed a passion for the somewhat disparate disciplines of social entrepreneurship and international development. Tunde has substantial public speaking experience and regularly attends engagements for both private sector and third sector bodies.
Tunde was also the host for the BBC London youth debate, 'London speaks' in aid of the 1,000 days till the 2012 Olympics, and a debate for the Para Olympics in December 2009.
Boris Johnson recognized the hard work undertaken by Tunde, by way of his Urban Lawyers initiative, and has made the organization part of the Mayor's Team London. Tunde was invited to speak at the house of parliament in respect of the London riots. Tunde was asked to address a select group of government officials, senor police officials and Community leaders on the causes and solutions to the London riots.
Tunde Okewale has appeared in various national newspapers including The Times and The Voice.  These articles recognised his achievements and his involvement in the community as well sought his expertise about community cohesion.