About Us



Urban Lawyers hosts facilitate and promote legal career events providing students with an opportunity to meet legal professionals and gain insights into the legal world.


Urban Lawyers deliver interactive workshops which engage and stimulate young people in discussions about their attitudes towards the law and the ever-changing policies in their local communities. The workshops we offer vary from legal career development workshops, to youth offenders' workshops, to tailored workshops on specific offences and procedures.


Providing information about young people's views and/or experiences of the criminal justice system.


'Law in action' is a set of courses with legal content which is available to be taught at schools and universities. It provides a simple and undiluted overview of the legal principles and theories that govern our society.


Urban Lawyers merchandise is a way of allowing the law to be integrated into the lives of young people and also is a visual outlet for relevant information. We do this via t-shirts, mugs, key rings etc, all of which have slogans and references to the Urban Lawyers brand, and legislation.


Urban Lawyers In conjunction with  legal  institutions award scholarships to students who demonstrated a commitment to social justice and/ or who had insufficient funds to pursue a higher education legal course.